Euroview History

The History of Euroview

This small friendly company situated in the heart of Norfolk was an exciting venture set up by sole proprietor Dennis Reeve in 1987, a small scale company concerned with British & Continental Tours with no coaches to its credit. All tours were run via hiring executive coaches from other companies. With such success Mr Reeve felt the need for a challenge and thus as a result arguably its most successful branch of Euroview was formed-Euroview Coaching in 1990.

The success of Euroview Coaching has continued throughout the years and in 1998 won the National Coach Industry Award, which was tremendous for a small company in Norfolk and a huge boast for the staff of Euroview.

Euroview Coaching Ltd was purchased in in 2008 by Coach Services Ltd based in Thetford. Although ownership has now passed on, Euroview Coaching still operates as its own brand & continues as it was over 20 years ago.